in other gastric conditions in infants. " In gastro-intestinal indiges-
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taines compounds containing two or three atoms of amino-acid . in
prednisone overdose in cats
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-To Illustrate Mr J. S. Fraser's Pater on Thk His 1 Nasai a
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long term side effects of prednisone use in dogs
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ic prednisone uses
by large discoveries of facts, and consequently is by no
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Dr. Scott Carmichael read a paper on " The Application of Bier's
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ration as had indicated it, I would not have hesitated to practise vene-
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likely to irritate a full stomach. And when it is thought proper
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other means at our disposal for handling this disease has ever given like re-
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with a burning, scalding sensation in the stomach, which was most dis-
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* Such as a tew grains of camomile flowers powdered in
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to me somewhat larger than at the last treatment, or
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If intelligently used according to directions, it will CURE
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It is a simple matter, but occasionally gives rise to other troubles that
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children and youth of the land. — Medical a?id Surgical Reporter.
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upper arm and leg, 24-45 marks. Reposition dislocated
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A sixth question that has been asked is, " How explain the fact
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kind father, a true friend, an ardent patriot, and above all a
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cough, though the patient may expectorate some small plugs of dirty
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231. Governor's Sauce (A Canadian Recipe)— Ingredients
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up to the present, taken any interest in dental education or degrees for
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disease that rarely ever gets well of its own efforts,
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(i) A Committee of the British Medical Association,
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suffered for three years from localised pain beneath the lower
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1849, the first steamer from “below” brought to


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