Preliminary observations. — I propose, in this chapter, to

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In this area and in major cities throughout India, there

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rapidity of recovery, making it especially useful for

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added to a tepid bath in a wooden tub. For children, the drams

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of continuity, occupying the whole right lateral as-

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(a) In meningitis there is more e\'idence of irritation, e.g. severe pain,

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in consequence of the entrance of irritant secretions into the larynx.

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3. The interdependence of the yellow and the red subsunce is evidenced by

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Ancylostoma duodenale. Bacteriologically the stool was positive for Bacillus

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reduced to thi's average "before" column by a simple proportion:

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measure and produced relief of the most distressing

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leathery, evergreen leaves from 1 to 3 inches long and about half as wide. The

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The library of the society is deposited at the rooms of

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The burned child dreads the fire ; the burned alcoholic

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of the forces exhibited by living beings, no one would now

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geometry ; it is supposed by many to be very difficult of application,

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May, 1881), difficult wheezing respiration was also a marked

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The next was obtained from Mr. Moore's stables, Thirtj-

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scales, with cracks in them. Sometimes, the scratching resorted

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the stricture by its own weight is introduced and held against the

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to horses, cattle, and sheep, without any effect, excepting

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pilation from the standard works on dental surgery." The field of dental surgery and

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venous and arterial; the venous blood, dark and purplish in hue, the

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further slice of the humerus afforded an ultimately satisfactory issue.

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Long not only confirmed our diagnosis, but pronounced a three months preg-


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