and my native dressers were all that I could desire them to be.

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Ulead before the Canadian Medical Association , at Ottaira, Seplemlxr, l&SS.)

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indeed, in contrast, was the military casualty with

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put through, causes the nose to become very sore and

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tissues of the plant due to a diseased condition caused by

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appears that during the past year the total expendi-

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16th. — Pyrexia, pains, thirst, and oppression, same as

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shaking the mixture ; bubbles would then be found to enter.

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orders or wherever it is desirable to disinfect the in-

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powerfully in the capacity of refrigerants, tonics, and antiseptics ;

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strain of active service, instead of simply becoming neurasthenic

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the pain which long continued pressure on a sensory nerve

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chest by the naked hand, the contact of the smooth surfaces pro-

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Health Sciences and Human Services Library, the University of Maryland Medical System, the

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Building, Minneapolis, for the practice of psychiatry.

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that it was mainly a want of vasomotor tone which was present in

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charge revealed a normal right kidney without signs of

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great field of the reflexes, and the profession generally is every

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cial interest to some of the members of the Minnesota

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Of this theory it may be said, at least, that it is very

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or certificate might be issued, which would not in-

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was at once administered, and an attempt was made to grasp

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tannin is not necessary." He further adds ; " The polypus

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deductions. The competition is open to members of the medical

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secondly, from the equally vital matter of securing a pure milk


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