far as I have been able to judge from the recent records on the
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due to Mr. Hirst — whose property they are — for allowing them to be
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percent (28 of 135) of successfully dilated cases followed up
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while bichromate stains the nails and skin a characteristic yellow colour.
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redness, and pain of the wrist on two occasions were distinguished
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medical jiractitioner is perfectly familiar with the therapeutics and essentials of
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palm (jf the hand. In two cases the brachial artery was ol)scivcd to I)ifur-
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inflammation itself remained. As further objects of the anaes-
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no space for recording observations during operation, but an appended clinical
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respiratory centers at first or at all; or it may only stimulate them;
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interim, rectal feeding may be necessary to sustain life until the
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have witnessed in our rail coaches which are not condusive to sani-
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of Brocq as to the total absence of subjective symptoms ; but nearly all the
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well borne in these cases. Fine wire faradism is very soothing in
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ized practitioners by the act. The bill provides for an osteo-
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there emerged three matters of general interest. Firstly, it
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urgent need of the day is that these men should be full-time gov-
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again changed to auricular flutter with 2 :1 block, with the original
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phoid, pertussis and influenza or combined vaccines go directly from our
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Spivack 12 illustrates and discusses the passing of an
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tremity, I think the operation commends itself to the careful consideration of
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dilation was not the prime measure was next to useless as far as
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one gramme and upwards of the nucleinate of iron daily without


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