Anglo-Swiss Cond. Milk Co., 86 Hudson St.,N. Y. P. 0. Box 3773.

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or lymphadenopathy were noted. The liver was not enlarged.

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more or less of the other two divisions. Convulsions dependent upon fear or

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The diseases which I should especially like to have classed

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Lewis, D- O., Passed Assistant Surgeon . —'DeXa.cheA from the

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Kentucky.— Samuel Annan, R. W. Gaines, J. B. Flint, J. W-

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3 Levene, P. A., /. Biol. Chcm., 1916, xxvi, 143, 155.

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begotten, born, and bred under such unphysiological conditions.

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colouring matter of the blood in black vomit, according to Dantec, is

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Every enlightened and humane })hysician will concede that a necessity

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causation, because there were such extensive fatty foci in this situation.

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thermic action is energetic but transitory. More permanent reduction of

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extract of buchu, morning and evening. This treatment, aided by

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>the :wi>e changed in structure, has the same sound as a healthy inflated

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bundle. The sections were treated with van Gieson's Ntain ; the tibrous

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the south end of the Main Building. One room contains the

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placing him at one end of the room, the surgeon standing at the other,

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of the anus and leave in two or three days. In case the protruded bOwel

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the water flowed from the nose, a proof that the membrana tympani was at

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towns, where there are all the drawbacks of dust and

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manently encloses the fruit. The enlarged calyx with its

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Aquilegia flavescens, Wats. Yellowstone Lake, August.

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full attention to the patients’ needs. Our hospitals are

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portance that attention be paid to the ventilation of our stables.

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recovered, be excluded, and also those cases in which treatment was

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icient evidence is available to determine the panel’s future.

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improved. It is a fit monument to the skill, learning, industry and amiable

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