action of these waters, and direct their patients more care-

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sage of a liquid by endosmosis through an animal membrane, and its

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glans, and of the urethra, even injecting some of the

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normal in amount. He states that, although his body weight has

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the affected side showed a decided arrest of growth.

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Dr. H. Howard said that in his younger days anaesthetics

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side empty, left side filled with currant-jelly clots.

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the tube from contact with the intestinal contents.

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he turned his attention to divinity. Be this as it may, he be-

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puration, can be left in position almost indefinitely, as it

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time, or within certain limits, compensatory and salu-

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ments of the glottis, consist of the tendon of a thin semipeniform muscle, which

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and painful, and werfr attended by the HoundH which

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sixty to seventy-five days, and of furnishing room for the immense

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me Upon the sufoject, and said that he had applied to Dr.

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dry state, mix in thoroughly a small teaspoonful baking powder

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beginning of this attack, were very persistant. An hysteri-

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ing the time the first symptoms were noted until death may fre-

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cell. From the ordinary hammer, or App's vibrator, ingenuity

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During this time in some cases there is more or less Osteoporosis going

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it is one that extends pretty well down into his abdomen and recently

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an excitation of the ankle phenomena. There was, of

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