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be losing time through over-caution ; on the , conjurors is truly wonderful,

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arthrectomy would, in the future, frequently take the place of

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the fistulous opening into the bladder, through which a good deal of

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from one-half to 1 per cent, applied by means of thin cloths,

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your Liquid Food. 1 am using your Pood, in a variety of cases, with great satisfaction. Thanking

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tissue. The same process is followed at the inner side, and these two flaps are

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changes in the columns. Degeneration is usually found in combination in

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of thin pus. Laceration of the peritoneal covering of the rectum.

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upon disease that the mind and will may, and often do exert.

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of the latter of whom the accounts stated were not expected to survive the

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second and December third ; but in 1892 January was the

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similar cases, the exhibitor invited suggestions from members of the

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differentiation of amoebic and bacillary dysentery, which are now

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ceptions of public health administration, as chiefly conditioned by restricted police

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the President be given discretionary power, when the

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llie rapidity with whicli a remedy would cure yellow

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the incessant strain, and this length of time depends

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The suggestion, therefore, that the Federal Government should extend

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emia. My question for Dr Goldstone is, how often do you

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justly have consecrated also a statue to Cleopatra,

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the Lower Mississippi — a class of posts which presents the highest mor-

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have been admitted into the Hospital during the years 1871-


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