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have found its way into the pleural cavity, and set up the

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the remedies to be used in the prescription. These headings,

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in the published evidence, would never have convicted a

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labelled "poison" The Pharmareutical Society, to its disgrace, al-

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columns, showed clearly what importance is rightly attached

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Dr. W. Richardson, Reading ; Dr. R. R. Rentoul, Liverpool ; Dr. A.

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(Under the care of Charles F. Pickering, r.R.C.S., Surgeon

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Sib,— My attention as Chairman of the Parliamentary Bills Committee

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■ former attack. The swelling had come on suddenly during

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afterwards. Before leaving I instructed the nurse to syringe

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noticed daily. Mr. Wood White had no doubt that the

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February Mth. Weight 140 lbs. He says he is not sure that he felt any

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such, the work is exceedingly good ; it is written in a clear

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reaction between luvox and antihistamine

been awarded under the new regulations recently adopted by

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Then came the great epidemic or pandemic of 1871, killing a

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returns, is, therefore, not in favour of an increase of

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Assistant Medical Officer at the Crumpsall Worktouse of the Town-

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fession by re-electing Sir Andrew Clark, who, it is understood,

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plaint to the London County.GQuncit that there was an accu-

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3 500 marks (£175) to Dr. Selenka, Professor of Zoology in the

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vaccination, and 2,884 of them died. In Germany the army

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ing, and can retain their vitality for years, being able to de-

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their administration, two pills were given, one at night and

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December 27th, 1893, and in every respect appeared greatly

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general knowledge of sanitary subjects, they are highly ob-

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meudously enlarged, extending on both sides from the ea« to

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was in the chair, and spoke feelingly of tliose among the hos-

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many of them filled with blood. In these it is often difficult,


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