tered with advantage especially when the inflammation
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clusion I would call attention t the fact that this parasite has
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changes were noticeable. Corti s organ showed the boundaries of the
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of mild glycosuria which are neglected or treated in an incompetent
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continuously in the water bath would seem to bear out this contention.
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Bacillary Dysentery. The lymphoid tissue of the intestine the mesenteric
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terminations. Besides the red corpuscles in the blood he said there
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arachnoid membrane and the pia matea. A small juantity ol
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print from Transactions of the Medical and Chirurgi
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that she should have no compassion womb love on the
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Assistant Professor Lang Assistant Professor Fischmann Dr. Schoenberg
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even to F. during the last twenty four hours of life. In
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cautions against attack were called for. Well suffice it to
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most common occurrence is during the second and third
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Consumption. Dr Baillie knew one or two cases of patients
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servations have proved to us. This it is then which should
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the growth though the floor of the orbit was still intact.
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fidence in the good faith of the mUitai y authorities
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fuse diuresis preceded by restlessness and discomfort her age and
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which enjoys a reputation with some medical men up to the pres
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in the wings Sunday evenings during which the physician read a ser
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Voted. That one member from each District be chosen
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Those who had seen this case during life stated that
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chest and caused intense difficulty of breathing. He was
be of urgent importance. A difficulty may arise however in a case
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This lasted from one to three days. In three chUdren
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The caseous or yellow tubercle either softens or gradually
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