some of the debility, but relapses are all too common and are almost

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beneath the mucous membrane of the descending duodenum. Occasion-

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factor. Kussmaul believed diabetes to be due to acetone. Kulz,

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due to obstruction of the smaller ducts by the distention of the hepatic

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a fatal virulence Avithout previous unfavorable symptoms, they should

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ment and treat all honorable and honest persons with deference.

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progressive loss of flesh and strength, with a dry, harsJi, wrinkled skin,

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isolation, combined with the purity of atmosphere, afforded by a sea-voyage

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cardium. In the interior of the vegetations the process of suppuration

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Handsome Illustrations. Edited by W. A. Newman Borland, M. D., Editor of the

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valve-curtains or by destroying the chordae tendinese, may bring about

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ever, when little or no improvement occurs in two or three months, per-

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It gives us pleasure to present it without special note, because the

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break up and disappear. A single area of degeneration may exist cen-

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of-door exercise, a change to the seashore or mountains, an abundance

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The extent and degree of the final palsy varies as greatly as

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and bowels, and is not intense, a mild laxative frequently bringing

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current through the mitral ring may be retarded, owing to the simultane-

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persons. This method, though ideal, is, in many cases, imprac-

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character of the nervous derangement. After making an accurate diag-

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chlorid to the urine will cause the peculiar red-green fluorescence of

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in which the smaller elastic fibers at first disappear, Avhile the larger be-

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the prognosis is always bad. Bloch warmly advocates in some cases the

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Muscle fragments may also be noted as small brown-colored

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invasion of pyogenic cocci. It may very rarely originate sponta-

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Bacteriuria. — There are probably few specimens of urine that do not

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ing this period there should be no attempt to see how much the

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(3) Chemical Toxic Agents. — Among the principal irritants of this

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limbs, and, rarely, convulsions ; quite often, however, there is no warn-

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differentiate. Yet all these symptoms may be slight, and the case may


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