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The officers of the society are a Secretary and a Treas-

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comparatiyely low. No return was sent in from the Glendermot District,

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flourished at Athens a class of females who gloried in their wild excesses.

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man doing a moderate amount of work. Thus they are of great assistance

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the ancient Court of Chivalry could be composed of none

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Bodies of horses and men lie, unburied in shell holes, polluting

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the veins at about an inch-and-a half apart, beginning

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oughly with iodoform and boracic, 1-7, and pack the vagina thoroughly

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use of its legs, and is much more active than at first, and

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as made necessary during the office hours of a busy prac-

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These lists are furnished free of charge to members of the Association. Address

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sis of these 63 cases of hepatic cirrhosis in children

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Table 2 shows the effect of chronic nephritis with uremia on the

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The principal and interest are to be repaid over the ten-year period

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special tests of Olympic contestants. The project director was

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patient lived forty minutes, another thirty, and one only fiften, recalling

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the cause of an antitoxin rash — that is, the typical rash of

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chance of getting binocular vision is too remote to be worth con-

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it is only a little less valuable, and even here it ranks

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Left main equivalent disease represents hemodynamically

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in April are less so — one half of them, perhaps, suf-

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been sore; the blisters had drawn well, but without aflTording him relief. He

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principal work, and who was then occupied with preparing a complete edition of it

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No. 1. Extensive infarction, a main trunk of the pulmonary artery being closed

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a tape from above downward through the cavity of the

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risk. " The physician must have the courage to let a doubtful

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able agreement of climatic conditions for the production

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on p. 374, App. to Final Report R.C.V. 1896. Further, the length

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hospital at Fort Pitt, whence he was ordered to Malta ;

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Usually one limb only is affected, examples of bilateral suffering


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