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edges of the trap all around in a uniform manner, and moreover, the trap-

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given, as the sulphur counteracts the effects of the

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entirely disappear in one or two days. If, on the contrary, the pain does

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there may be pyrexia even when there is no infection. This febrile

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albuminuria. How is it then, that it is precisely in this form of

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emboli had, it is true, given rise to the formation of foci which

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Method of obtaining 1 supplies of equipment. — It may be

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biliary ducts were seen to be full of inspissated bile (by naked eye examina-

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when admitted to a hospital should be assigned to the orthopedic

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The use of external applications properly applied, are

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few tiny elevations to lie at the corners of the upper tarsal conjunctiva.

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remedy.i* Oil and mineral baths are referred to by Josephus.^^

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of destruction can be procured. Women who commit suicide use

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certain, and it is conjectured by Ackermann to occur by an increased transudation of

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In a recent study, it was shown to be a highly effective

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fine one. There is often an inverse proportion in the relative de-

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pression of the Innominate Artery y followed by Ligatured

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it was the first day of a new epoch in our lives. We felt as if

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of this State are deemed, by many of its members, to be insufficient

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stricture at the bifurcation may become so great as barely

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ATnerican Jouiiial of the Mediad Sciences for 1883, a case of

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its staff and its training school, but also to the students

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i.e., misinterpreted into painful impressions" (Herrick).

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acters and modes of examining, prescribing, and teaching.

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artificially produced pure cultures of amoeba, such experiments must have

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Macpherson [3] , to whose writings I am indebted for these notes, they

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cient pigment dialyze to allow its identification as bilirubin.

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mum temperature for most pathogenic bacteria is between 30° and 40° C.

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few trials, however, it was found more difficult to

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Such institutions j)lay an important part in the prevention of tuber-


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