question arose as to their topography. The non-medullated

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to time appearing upon the scene, seem to be charged

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Where the operative works at home, or where steam-power is inaccessil)le,

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culed him. Those who refused to accept his doctrines he

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and slight moaning, the face reddened and cyanotic, the eyes

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of the skin, it does not possess the absorbing properties of mucous

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call the attention of said witnesses to the position and appearance of

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" The superficial muscles of the leg presented very markedly those appear-

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were less hurt by a large number of casualties having occurred

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the treatment of these affections or cases. I leave that to specialists

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steamed, ate breakfast, and rode out in the course of the

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maternal side ; but endocarditis (and organic disease of the heart

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the death-rates of the various capitals of Europe we find marked differences ;

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abnormal opening into the bladder. The vitality of the parts before

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of the teeth and usually making its way out at the junction of the

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she had a sanguineous evacuation at the time ? I answered, if

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cornis has been described by Staff-Surgeon Stewart in the 12th

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to subside. The solution probably contains an oxy-acetate of lead.

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mucosa, which has been converted into thick cicatricial

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nearly neutral as piiasibie. and thu» oould hardly ft>mi any protoxyde.

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before his left wrist became red and swollen. Five days before his knees

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At other times, the source of the infection has been in the thoracic

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follows: I first had an interview with the colonel of the regiment^

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brought within normal limits. As soon as this result is accomplished

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condition ; and other cases of undoubted uroemia were ob-

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— ascribing to the disease, what they ought to at-

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considerable pain in the back and loins (not an unfrequent at-

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friends. After a short interval she made tea, to which

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curred in punishing the offenders of law and good order, who are made

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<Vrach, St. Petersb., v. 21 (5), 29 yanv., pp. 140-141. [\Y"\]

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its presence in from 46 to 85 per cent. The question of town or country

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of one or two other points. For example, Mr. Baker Brown has

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purgative treatment, by lessening pelvic congestion and prevent-

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The Lancet of 14th July 1917 has an article containing reference to

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200 "Sixth part. — Advice in case of small accidents.


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