We have in previous pages dealt with this question of

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w fliould not come out, we fliould not have recourfe

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periments the relative activities of the two pepsin solutions were as

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to pull. The animal's hind legs are thus drawn under him, and

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(which was used by the author in many cases even in its fuming state,)

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his life without a murmur, but if it is to be lived he would live it well.

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efEasion causes no special anxiety at the time on account

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vessels of the neck, and a feeling of construction in the chest.

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Theatre, and some years after he had the distinction

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God, curbs all her natural inclinations, and is contented with

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these conclusions and statements as to the benefits of the removal of ade-

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Sterility in the Female due to Gonorrheal Infection. — In rare cases with a

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of dilated cardiomyopathy seen at our hospital, suggest-

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and kidney there is nothing which may not be safely cut. So, when a

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the dead pig shot across a trough and through another

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in severe weather or in a draught of air, but cover him

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" First. Care was taken to exclude all but the proper class of subjects,

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of a dram of specific dioscorea in two ounces of hot water.

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' jn a strong plethoric woman, as in a subject of extreme anaemia ?

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as the latter is less easily borne by the paticuit. It is

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Walton, G. L.. Cheney, F. E., and .Mallory, F. B., .'165.

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Capsici Fluidextractutn ( Fluidextract of Capsicum). Used in the

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acetone from the dialyzing thimble by the addition to the outside

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sensation. " Some patients," observes Ambrose Pare, " say that they

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although much yet remains to be accomplished in a good many

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in renal disease. The effect of chloroform on the kidney seems to be

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turn on its axis, haematometia or hydrometia would probably

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7aul J. Hirsch, M.D., Treasurer, Consultant Bridgewater

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used once per day. Brink freely of lemonade with three

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Game. Next he wrote a critical essay On the Deluge,


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