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operating microbic cause, as is done now when it is the diphtheria germ.
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1 it is usualiv only after applyin- a very painful stimulus that any
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;ind tlieii discliaf'riiiR it slowly into the intestine, and ( 'J i initiating the
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the standard catheter to be first employed in nearly all cases. The straight
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saliva mix,Nl with the f.,.,d t.. dev..l..p its di-.'stive aeti.m.
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tionship between osteomalacia and Basedow's disease, which suggests an
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The cliief lesions of achondroplasia are in the skeleton, and would seem
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heim's clinic, in Berlin, among 7000 cases of diseases of the nervous system
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Besides these changes, various others nave been described, such as pig-
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I' is stateil tiiat K for a particular strenuth of acid actiim on cane sny:ar
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necrosis represent a frequent type of the disease. Cold has an important
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during, and particularly after, urination, with frequent desire and incom-
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we pli'Velit the water lllnlerules rriilll aellially dilTllsillU' li> nppnsine
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most likely the result of angiospasm in definite vascular territories. I
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As a rule, with a reduction in the amount of urine in amyloid kidney
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Goldflam, from a study of the injection of urine into rabbits, isolated
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organic valvular disease. In some others there were signs of myocarditis.
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I'.ijj. I'xith acids and alkalies h'ssen the osmotic pressure of eir!.' alliu-
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carcinoma. Beni^ connective tissue neoplasms, fibroma and lipoma,
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I- till' seat i>( the iiijnry or infection, and reiiM)ve the foreiirn or<;anisni
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sil.le after the .'ippiaran..' ..f th.> s\ in|.t.iMis. y.-f it is ..fteii offieiu-ioiis
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attacks a very vanable number and assortment of bones. For instance,
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ing winter there was burning in the palms and backs of both hands, and
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The presence of the myasthenic reaction is the best evidence that the
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cross light one can see that the surface is peppered with minute shiny, raised
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(Wunderlich), ** lymphosarcoma" (Virchow), "malignant lymphoma"
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blood corpuscles do pass out of the vessels and a staining may be left.
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known. The anatomist may find evidence of patholc^ical, even acute infiam-
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'imi "f I'al in lliis lliiiil falls l.elou a <-eilaiii level. I'loviileij one of r
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'I'lll CiiSIKiil, 111 Kl SI'lli Ml.iV lI'iiNl'lii :Mi
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liltcis ill the inti'inal intoreostals indicctcs tliat they arc exi)irafoiv ii
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menl of medical seiemc, in the elucidation of many ohsciire inolilems
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Definition. — An affection characterized by tonic muscular cramps at the
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illll'i'I'i'tll atlillli'lN : ill llic il<i^. lln' IiIimmI cnlist Itlllo illmllt II |ll'|- <M'llt
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(»tii('r cn/ynn's ni-i'dcratc oxiilativc iiioccsscs ami arf oallod orlihixis
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occur as tubular or glandular structures, the tubules oeing lined by epi-


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