laundry work, which is not essential to the disinfection,

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its production. It is not prepared on the small scale.

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reaching truly epidemic proportions, in eastern New

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sooght in the inefi*ectual, and, as it were, dying struggles of a

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offers ; upon this fubject the reader is referred to

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the Loftier bacillus and of a short oval bacillus. A few colonies of a coccus,

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•582(42) Selby, P. J. History of British forest-trees. Lond. 1842.

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disease offers easy opportunities for blood infection, and

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systems of ventilation. Air change, direction of flow, and all other

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this disorder are of a specific type. There is often a marked

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and I am also satisfied that the rate of mortality, the State

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reduced in amplitude, it raises the arterial pressure as well as the

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tant point. If this boy's hip joints were healthy as I lower his

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atmosphere and moderate exercise might tone up his general system and aid

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answer, the nurse reports, and a mild saline purgative is ordered —

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voluntary movements, and the fact that no paralysis exists as

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to see a case because it had features like those of pancreatitis, a

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Cross, for years a moribund institution, sprang into national activ-

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nition of the rijjht to perform autopnieH in all cawfn,

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The Gbrine, albumen, and red f;lobulM, are (ilininj^hed iu amount, and

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millionth part of a grain of the dry Belladonna juice, was de-

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and tenderness of transverse colon have disappeared. Frequent

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that the injury must be a dislocation of the os mag-

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ing been found dead in bed. They ha-<l nine chil-

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1 Clinical lecture delivered at the Pennsylvania Hospital.

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signs of intestinal flatulence, and with migratory pains in otber parts of the

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was at her post with perfect courage in the early morn-

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them. A loss of faradic irritability and a marked de-

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occurred after removal of the Esmarch, which was applied dur-

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about seventeen. I had become rundown, weak, nervous and suffered from func-

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rectified spirit, a sufficient quantity. Macerate the

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ease. A clear fluid may be obtained from a puncture

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cases recently reported, in which thorough evacuations

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