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a very satisfactory condition, only, perhaps, a good

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by bacteria in chemical and morbid processes, the book is deserving

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Vulpian, to irritation of one spheno-palatine ganglion, which

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cause of the struggle that succeeds. No isolated occurrence can ever

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be taken by those who wish to derive benefit from beer, to obtain a

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a blood disease peculiar to the hot season, and renders the skin and

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one size This bodes no good to the supremacy of John Bull.

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restored. Dr. Osier says : "A slight blow, a fall from a carriage

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nominate veins and superior cava adherent to surface of sac. Left innomi-

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tained B. coli communis and B. lactis acrogenes from severa' cases of garget.

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regulator. In fact all the functions of the organs depend in

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way ; and we want downright facts at present more than any thing else.— Ruskin.

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age, and had enjoyed the best of health previously; and while the

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part of the pharynx, &c., and perhaps causes painful or difficult

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Where the mischief is chiefly in the colon, daily irrigation with a large

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or supporting this muscle ; the pulse is generally weak and fast,

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became almost deaf for a year, mind almost destroyed, memory

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other dilatations, the variations in its calibre is the

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and if it cannot be gotten rid of by personal address the man should

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may be set down as nine ; and assuming the aggregate mean strength of

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bladder. She has been in the hospital three months, and has taken daily four table-spoonfuls of

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nutritive materials of the tissues are derived, so that it must be

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With the exception of the summer months, called emphatically die

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an affection of the portio dura alone, and may be entirely without danger.

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this patient could not survive the shock. This was a death

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acteristic colour of the arterial blood which escapes, and more

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the second edition of his ' Physico-Medical and Chirurgical Treatise

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