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iodine was then added to a fi-esh specimen — and the chani^et

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tion in having a trained representative of the Museum

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had lost their tone. There is double converging strabismus.

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and women present, and the seal of despair was set upon

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as well as our successful ones. It does not sound so well and does not

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The first group comprises twenty-six persons who had been vac-

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strychnia and mix vomica ; setons, issues, or blisters, over the ver-

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and the natives of Hindoostan and Burmah, as well as the Chinese, have

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the bladder, and in different affections of the kidney. To detect the presence and

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it is not often that such convulsions are met with in association with

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wound by chemical analysis. M. Eousseau then suggested

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one now holds the position of resident physician in

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The treatment of fractures of the forearm without opera-

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attack, having no medical knowledge beyond the general fact

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be produced in from seven to ten days after the injury was inflicted.

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quantity of urine passed has reached the normal point.

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necessary; we must first determine every possible variety of percussion

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method, the good effects of which in affections of the digestive

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is 'narrowly limited, their aim is to stimulate rather

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: eel lent work on this subject, and his publishers have

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bone in growing children can Im- correete*] in variouH

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masking that of other substances, is very agreeable to children. Sulphate

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The action of the remedies in this diviaion, which are the

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Aden six months after the ship left Rio. The voyage

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complicates cases of hyperacidity, especially if constipa-

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tho host way is to bum a piece of punk oa the place,

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odorless, tasteless, and insoluble. Used as a laxative.

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Sylvia Arroyo, Clinic Administrator, (509) 525-6650.


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