erysipelas, scarlet fever, puerperal fever, etc., to

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cause of death. Tlie supposed ovarian tumor was a medullary

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Visits were made in July and August to the Sundance,

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time when the renal malady commenced, exhibited symptoms of

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in kidneys which are the seat of amyloid disease, may range

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sternum, and had more the appearance of an enlargement of the ar-

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had this object in view, appeared in the year 1545. Pare has

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months ago.) She has an endocardial murmur. This was

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from its footing of strict necessity. The burden of proof

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so as to get him familiar with the motion ; if it be a

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not be at the trouble of contracting their desires,

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third or fourth day. The case should be worn for about eight weeks,

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It has been conclusively demonstrated that women who have lost large

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improvement. My work is soon accomplished, for I have

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Dosage C. — An initial comparatively large dose followed at regular

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callus (new bone) to either portion. Fistulous openings

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arising from some ulcerations and exudations about the heels and

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1968, when it was detected in a dog imported from an en-

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■acute splenic tumor. (&) In chronic congestion the spleen is somewhat

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in the following case : " A horse is noticed to breathe faster than

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response to this demand, and not in any spirit of antagonism to

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moved, he must speedily sink under it, and the urgency of the case

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the death-rate of pneumonia. Kieffer states that among 127 cases at Fort

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and at the command march dart through the column. The officer com-

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pearl barley, I qt. of white stock, the yoke of one egg, I gill of

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a tape from above downward through the cavity of the

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from which it is a wonder she recovers as well as she does.

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plained of very violent boring pain in the stomach, resembling the

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struation not having occurred a long time, there is no way of

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Charcot '•' in regard to disease of the pyramidal

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it can be borne it is required. Dr. Hall very justly thinks that little reliance is

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Germany, residing at St. Kilda, Victoria, who began to lose his

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time. The total daily amount wiU depend upon the acuteness of the attack


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