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were less hurt by a large number of casualties having occurred
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of our population, shows that the predisposing and active causes were
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original and practical observation. The directions for percussion
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clotted lumps of blood, which if they were of a large
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the fracture could have been ascertained by incising dur-
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gall-stones by opium, possibly with the aid of laxatives and elec-
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are to be found the districts in which the highest mortality takes place.
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The Gbrine, albumen, and red f;lobulM, are (ilininj^hed iu amount, and
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than that of the night of administration. It possesses no action on the
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the operation, but from this time no further discharge was observed . At the
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A surgeon - lieutenant shall, if he be recommended by
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experimental use, have no charms for me. If careful ob-
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remainder varied from 6 or 7 to once or twice a week. The diet on Wednesday and Saturday
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to-day, and the vacuum tube has kept in step and in touch with
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and on that account absolute authority has been given the medical
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There is not the slightest reason why the hose should
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The temperature may afford no guide ; for in abscess, as in tumour,
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forceps. A large quantity of pus was lodged beneath tht
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This was a Clinical Meeting, held in the Royal Infirmary.
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that his skull was fractured at the base. He was taken unconscious to
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neck. Its colour may be best described as a bright brick red, vaiying in
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a large herd that may be confined in a barn or stable of con-
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The sections are also arranged alphabetically, from Blood to Urine and Vaccines. An
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just enunciated, and tend to show that it holds good for other parts of
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to an invasion by the spirochsetes. Both of these explanations sound
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drapery shop in toWn, and was unable to give the leg that rest which was
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I ^\'ould Continure finding that I have removed paims And
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While in some cases there may be only a few streaks, which


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