Treatment To discuss all the modes of management proposed
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Iduced. Fig. shows the manner in which the sutures are
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stream. A set of cell lined pouches or dermal inversions are
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mitive carotid was tied and the tumour removed along with the stemo
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December t nd is almost healed only discharging less than
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tions where these tumors existed and have observed large vessels nearly
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needful additions to its resources and influence. The time is near if
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but be contaminated with blood which prevents the occurrence of
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A vote was taken as to the next place of annual meeting and
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the bowel still in a viable state. Postoperatively the
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advice in Boston remaining two weeks in a hospital. The pa
as to the vast variety of ailments that are amenable
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Four were under years of age. Three have erections and
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stitutional effects are in proportion to the suddenness of the loss
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the very disagreeable odour being in some measure masked by the
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diminished or more commonly abolished. On percussion the resonance may be
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down of tumor tissue which occurs before My own feeling based upon my
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the symptoms of bronchial obstruction and of asphyxia are mani
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registering the birth of a child receives a notice that unless it be
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alveoli are approximated touch and according to some grow together.
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pair of mutilated members through the knowledge of pa
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in control of these important services none but graduates of recognized
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disorders than English and Scottish troops. The French have
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The whole temporal region was tender to pressure but as it was


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