and half divided transversely across. Replaced into peritoneal cavity and
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developed inflammatory rheumatism while serving in the Federal
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was willing that there should be a law to govern our
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ung ; both lungs otherwise healthy. No evidence of recent
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of 9000 persons escaped, and nearly one-half of these had acquired an
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The oauterj mint onl) touch the part, for if retained too lo
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tions were always called antiseptic substances, and
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In the treatment, mention is made of the use of the nitrate
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the statistical tables of which I have been speaking.^ It is possible^
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since the operation. This patient had been under an alienist for
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said: "Your doctor simply made a mistake in diagnosis; there
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soil trembled with the maich of armed battalions, when her ports
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*BARRETT, Henry A., Concord— 1846. A. B. (Amherst) 1845;
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Wyoming Medical Society— PO Drawer 4009, Cheyenne
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lars ; at the second forty dollars) ; for a half year alone,
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rheumatism, as a rule, sets in after the discharge has stopped ;
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ance on the same day as the inoculation took place and had passed off by
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sure of the presence of pus in this situation. Anaes-
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could not be located ; the sensibility was all over diminished
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form of disease, acute in character, he gave the name retro-
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The pig's embryo at twenty-one days has a length of about 1-3
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we have seen many children brought up by hand; and these same have flourish-
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celled by none in the market." — New York Medical Record.
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secondary haemorrhage occurred in two cases. Dyspnoea was
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Israel observed convulsions in two cases and deep coma in
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faces, chiefly their noilrils and chin •, for neither do
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pricking- sensation in the surface. No local pain ; pulse full and
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Common; Crook county, 1892; Laramie, October 6, 1894 (No.


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