In a ham, the most likely place is that part at which
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returned. The voice, at fust hoarse and occasionally sqeaking, be-
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Method of passing probe. — Hold the long arm verti-
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completed the analogy with Addison's disease. Finally, injection of an
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disease, but it is not yet safe to affirm that the doctrine of
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journal. (This would make about seven dollars' worth of the usual bottled
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tance to the effect of remedies as confirming a diag-
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the patients from whom pleural serosity had just been removed, it is necessary
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tion under the compound microscope. The mirror-image of these drawings would,
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meuded that the standing and sitting height of the pa-
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stress upon any drug, because the mortality varies from year to
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trol the bleeding, but without avail. I used Monsel's solution and also
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diphtheria, etc., to say nothing of the absence in some reports of any bacteri-
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one hand, prolapse of the sigmoid flexure of the rectum, and on
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than for an ordinary pneumonia before an autopsy has been made.
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to make albumen appear or disappear from the renal secretion at
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As to the third cause the author teaches that deficient activity of the
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attending physicans and residents and three audiologists
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paralysis, they are very useful in restoring tone to the cardiac
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no leucocytosis. He had an irregular fever, the temperature only occa-
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an application to wounds in 100 cases, with, on the whole, satis-
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expx'ession of the continuous stimulation of the motor
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similarity. The initial lesion appeared to be a papule which
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boys out of 151, and withheld it from 76. There were two
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stition, like brute creatures on a waste moorland. Even at
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fifth report of studies on mononuclear leukocytes of blood 295
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we will select one snostanoe only, urea. Urea can now be c[uantitatively deter-


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