blocked, and here and in the ciecum a firm ulcerated surface

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have presented a report containing the following paragraph :

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occurrence of several cases of rabies in Madeira, steps had

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This latter officer is quite as much a naval officer as the other two yst

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Mr. Henry Ddtch is appointed Surgeon-Lieutenant to the 1st Tower

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germs are chiefly shed, as in scarlatina, from this surface

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copy of the St. Bartholomeio's Hospital and College Handbook

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working out as regards the power of the patient. An occa-

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be omitted in a doubtful case. lu this way tlie disease could

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cheerful lot ; they have generally been in trouble about

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ever can be made. Similarly, no connection can be traced

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vided an education for women in literature, art, history,

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mountainous country district. Twelve deaths occurred within

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tion. My own preference is certainly for the last, and that for

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service in India. But, serious as this pecuniary loss is,

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compulsory in all persons employed in the public service, and

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pathological case, for behind the mane there was a spina

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the late Professor Kahler, has declined the appointment.

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had to be done. On September 30th, 1892, the growth and

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and dining, and other such matters. In Cliapterxix the autlior

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original introduction, and proceeded as if the burghs were

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practitioner to promptly and unhesitatingly render professional aid to

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Case i— J. P., aged 44, a coachman, with an excellent previous personal

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by means of a sharp knife made of flint. The ceremony of

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SuBSCEiPTiONS to the Association for 1893 became due on

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Society has always kept this aspect of medicine in constant

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ferred upon Sir George Buchanan, M.D.,F.R.S., late Principal

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On December IGth the tumour was removed, under ether, by

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majority of cases in which the cerebral symptoms were

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Cambridge and St. Thomas's Hospital; W. H. G. Wilkes, Bir-

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grammes ; boys from 14 to 18, 15 kilogrammes ; girls under

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THE Office not Lateb than Midday Post on Wednesday. Tele-

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had entirely escaped from the uterus. Tlie patient collap-ed.

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Corfield. The Local Government Board have intimated to the


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