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place by sutures passed through the sides of the wound.
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vantages, etc. He declared there could be no degen-
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tuhe ot radium should be buried in the effects of antiseptics. At Paris, in the ser-
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astragalus, which lies between the tibia and os calcis,
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plexuses of spinal nerves to the nerves of the bladder. Extending
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ill some of the cases that would have been formerly
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ment-maker sufficient guarantee of tlie guilt of almost a
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ist, we usually, indeed, hear nothing but rhonchi and fine moist rdleSy
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the nerves of the part. In major amputations, during the first twenty-four hours, a strip
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published in the number of this Journal for October, 18(52.
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almonds, licorice, sumac, and essential oils, valued at
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tion. Therefore I made a very thorough ajoplication
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of catarrhal or bloody matter. The affected side may
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however, imperfect and contained some radical defects
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black matter; involuntary discharges of urine and faeces; death.
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the exudation of blood, which sometimes necessitates
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of the anterior gray horns of the spinal cord, leading to atrophy,
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the morning and 101 2-5 to [02 in the afternoon, with some
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14 cases, 13 women and 1 man, observed by the writer, in all of which
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the HCl under treatment. When determined after Ham-
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were employed whenever possible. Duplicate determinations were
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cile the pathological facts with the clinical figures by
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the right foot was also discharging, and there was a large
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ships, in the field, in an army encampment, or an isolated well.
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ferences in the etiological factors and what is dependent thereon, the
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illustrating the treatment of paralytic deformities of the
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calm— e.g., in January they will be subject to the north-east trades,
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malarise ; is an antipyretic and antiperiodic, and generally
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proposed either by physician or jurist. There is as great if not greater difficulty
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vious outbreaks of yellow fever at Norfolk have always
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rely upon the cessation of the menstrual discharge as a good criterion of
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The mean temperature for the month was as follows: Mean for
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causes of death, when sudden or not satisfactorily explained, and, if any doubt
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state, without a home to take them to, without means for their
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solves in small proportion in ammoniacal water, to which it
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of the blood which is compensated, however, if thyroid be fed.
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unsuspected crypts; this reader, of stooped figure, with cadenced,
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and, if possible, the alignment of the bone should be checked up under
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of the diseases of the West and South are due to malaria, so that we
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chronic myocarditis has occurred, with hypertrophy and dilatation and the
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of mortality was 12.9. It must be borne in mind that these


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