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pointed out above, as characterizing the presentations of the head
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ings of the Association. We notice with satisfaction,
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central nervous system afferent and efferent cells may often be
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Deane, Henry Augustus Dartmouth, '68 South Windsor.
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of the Faculty of Medicine in 1860. Vulpian was called
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Sec. 1. lit it enacted by (he Senate and Bouse of Representatives in
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city, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Memphis; London, eng.; Montreal, que.;
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" 2. Quarantining single farms, localities, or districts from inter-
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information so often asked for in respect to terms and conditions of
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coma ; but in favourable cases it gradually passes off in two or
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activities out of account. As opener, I must as briefly as is possible,
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amygdaloid in shape, made up of numerous closed follicles,
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irritable condition of the dental nerves, which I believe to be the
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If you don't intend to master the technique of the science let it
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patient had been seen previously by Dr. Robert Robertson and
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out tlie vessels is at least two or three times as long as when the bacilli have
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condition, Dr. Kinger tells us, will generally yield
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It is right and proper that reprints of articles published
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•59162 Darwin, C. Vegetable mould and earthworms.
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the thoracic and abdominal cavities — may become greatly hypertro-
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saw Dr. Duncan beneath a chair ; his jaw dropped, his eyes staring, his head bent
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and his skills were devoted to constructing a number of the largest projects in the
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this subject : "In default of better proof of the traumatic origin
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Spence, in the Systematic Chair ; Syme, Lister, Annandale, in the
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medicines and bleedings ; otherwise, all our efforts are as but a
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with distinct dulness at the left apex, from tubercular
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reached higher fame as a statesman than the latter, and
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the mare served by the stallion, immediately afterwards
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from 36 to 29 in the same period. In France it fell from 26


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