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Ave. mortality of corresponding weeks for ten years, 18.53-

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able, apparently, with, in one case, ulcerative points ; not having, how-

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»t>rir« of experiments in this direction under skilful supervision. And I am in-

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tar should be applied daily. Potassium bicarbonate iu

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the actual cautery, and it is almost impossible to confine tht-ir ac-

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seeking thus its nearest paths of escape from tlie economy. These, it

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Prof. Ilebra has been elected corresponding member of the Belgian

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The chronic forms of paralysis following diphtheria will be promptly

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orographic clouds

course, was in its nature not unlike that which every surgeon has


ed calices. The inner surface of the superior cavity and pouches was

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perfectly well." Xo special attention had thus far been directed

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istration of apomorphine and tartar emetic under similar

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questions, of such deep interest in ethnology, and which will claim the

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the animal was restless and pawing the ground. An hour and a half

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with any accidents will be absolute gainers, while those with whom

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as after the employment of specifics during the secondary stage. The

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gested, but rigid and persistent investigation disclosed the fact, that

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ble to the exact coaptation of the soft parts, whether we hope for

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which is entirely impervious to water. The whole apparatus is re-

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the fifth month, and within the following year was again twice preg-

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torily than potassium iodide in the treatment of diabetes

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the author and publisher feel it their duty to constantly

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wfi-ir^ !e<!. wh r • they will give such aid as is inunediately required; and they arc

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The solids are, therefore, augmented in the urine. The

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requirrd information, and his genial courtesy in doing it ; ' audof sevc-

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but that the fever liad subsided ; that at first his bowels were con-

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ly visible, and are not far from the shore. It was built in the form

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but covered about tlie base by skin and iiitej^unient ; tlie Avhole beinpc

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This last, together with the 10th Conn., left the Department in the

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can be no departure from it, bj- crediting' anj' portion of it not needed

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sometimes at all, by great quantities of the diluted acid.

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solution, on a water bath, to dryness, constantly stirring


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