no one surely could doubt the result — the certainty of the verifi-

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often overlooked that fowls, owing to their method of living,

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admitted into Ward I. under the care of Mr. Heath, who at once

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come markedly unbalanced. For instance, perform their normal function,

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cases will be a simple eructation in the first, and vomiting in the

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slightest degree ; moreover wine has a tendency to make this

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the shoulders, to sink to some extent, and describes with the

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which was, however, too firmly adherent to the living structure to

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nor absolutely drunk for six months. His principal drink has

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peutic agent, and the fact that certain animals recover when

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as a woman, to the wounded his touch was priceless jewels of society and life were in

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toms same. Scarcely any possibility of his living through the

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I do not know, and never have seen, to my locomotion. Doctors who have used these

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fused with that of variola. Pregnant animals frequently abort.

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chanical obstruction to the flow of urine. A mere congestion of

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cess. And this in spite of the fact that, as affected. Skin of penis thickened, almost

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The questions which we have to discuss, in considering the uses

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ma}' be very nunierous. Between the stage in which a few-

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men be filled to the utmost limits of toleration, the gravitating

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needle be used the fluid readily drains away. The patient may,

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sion, in my experience — coming from some and country. Dr. Jones was busy a large

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with cumulative infection, taking place reach the larval infecting stage in that place

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this time and about 5 o'clock p.m., when I saw her, the patient

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influenza in Switzerland in 1826 laid stress on its contagious

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excoriations. The enlarged inguinal glands show as lumps under the

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May, 1899, two sheep that were suffering from so-called

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valuable by the Medical Profession, who require from time to time an

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ological conditions in any manner shall be through a door in the floor covered with

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in fact, to the early, or at any rate the middle period of acute

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were. We appreciated to the fullest the ^ president s address.

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3. The medium in which the bacteria exists influences

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keeping abreast of the times must look for- tional nervous disorders. "Partial rest" is

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placed in the treatment of this symptom ; I think turpentine promises


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