and axilla, together with pleurisy, as in cases reported by Dr.

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a few men who, either from carelessness or dishonesty, claim

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to Dr Otto T. Freer, of Chicago, for the opportunity of seeing

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which takes the ground that the great body of reputable physicians do not

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moved, these substances circulate in the blood and combine with the

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of the obstmetion are yery yarioas, and we haye not

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abraded and a watery fluid exudes. When injured he says it bleeds

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during work increases as the square of the velocity, but the

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time to retard, or completely suspend, respiration.

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paired respiration, it will be necessary to puncture the skin sur-

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Veterinarian as a Factor in Sanitary Control Work." The

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that during gestation, his wife's privacy should be sacred, and that not

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in perfectly healthy animals by inoculating them with

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ological facts which are especially related to the subject;

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interfere more or less with irrigation. Recently mnch dis*

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tate gland in the male, and this is an excellent point

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forms, is by no means uncommon. It is most frequently of a

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lung ; and he declared that " it always maintains an intimate re-

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fome place where there is but little refiftance, and

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— a few steps. I told him to walk into his front parlor on the

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tive influence can not depend on the nerve trunks or the nerve cells, for

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The physical condition was excellent and the general health was in

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of which he touched upon various evils of social origin,

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kidney of the bear, seal, cetacea, etc., although he had been unable to find

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contrast to the text-book above referred to. The reader is at once

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spinal sclerosis, and in a case of hysteria in the male,

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Germany, residing at St. Kilda, Victoria, who began to lose his

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pounds of the latter were excised, and it was only by suspending

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1857 a. — Liver, ulcerating Echinococcus growths of; Entozoa in the portal veins,

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