mind in a healthy body is the aim of medical science, then the

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to direct its point, we might relieve the pain, and perhaps,

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however, for, in exceptional cases, one side of the body has been affected

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tributed by Juliet Wilbor Tompkins, Fannie panned fish.

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of the Medical Almanac, for 1840, prepared by the editor of this Journal*

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Bojections of either silver nitrate, or starch and laudanum,

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in diameter, which by means of joints fit one into another.

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njur. It could be positively demonstrated, however, that

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disease, which from clinical and postmortem evidence must have

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this disease takes when the entire seminal tract is in-

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ference makes use of, to arrive at such conclusions : it is in

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diagnosis and disposition were coded manually for listing and retrieval. Infor-

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of respiration and sound on percussion — in the course of an hour

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were 21,113 cases of drunkenness in Liverpool in 1870; accord-

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of the gases due to paralysis of the muscular coat The bellj may

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medicinal prescriptions had been employed without result. The opera-

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treated in each disease, together with the number of

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that they were relieved of many of the details of patient and new enplo-

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the result is rapid emaciation and death. In some cases of mania the

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or comparisons, I have made no attempt to present arguments in favor


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