xerodermia pigmentosa, acanthosis nigricans, pigmentary sarcoma and
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but attention to the character of the spasm, and careful watch on the
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should be removed. Thorough mixing of the oxalate with
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have notes of a case admitted into St. Bartholomew's Hospital diagnosed
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the blues, when "the soul melteth away for very heaviness" ?
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to inflict upon him the same severity of punishment as might rightly be
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probenecid (benemid) and penicillin
Malcolm. Brit. Journ. Dermatology, vol. ix. p. 213 ; 1897. — 15. Stelwagon in
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in the middle period of life the patient walks into the receiving-room
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applied in the same way, and kept on for twenty-four hours. The
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is a very characteristic and common symptom, and much good may be
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substances which he calls " collacin " and " elacin " being formed. The
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of taking to themselves pathogenetic properties and producing definite
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records, so far as I am aware, of the onset of stammering as the result of
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may be replaced by aversion, or even by hatred and homicidal violence.
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hands, and then, with all the seriousness of a Luther, broke
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attributes the production of cutaneous fat. But one reason, among
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individual lesion the salts named have been proved to exist ; and the
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communities and form compact nests, which they change at each skin-
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and got it. An act of Parliament empowered him and his
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are no longer meaningless, but dominated by some idea. The patient
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out with and by me." He used to say that he preferred
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individual. Vice is the sacrifice of the future to the present, but of the
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from home at an early date is the essential means of cure. In some
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her pregnancy. In the fourth case belladonna was equally efficacious.
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stream of water to the best advantage in washing and
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must be employed. The greatest possible care is necessary in the
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Epidermolysis bullosa. — This is another congenital affection, and may be
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circumstance to find soldiers killed by gunshot wound in remarkable


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