millions of dollars of a loss among the cattle of some of

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three inches of the small intestine in the same manner as in the

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stant inspection of all suspected herds and places until the

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inflammatory exudates from various sources containing pyogenic bacteria

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former, and even in the latter, where the morbid process has not

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which the embryo is enclosed is dissolved, or in other cases the mantle

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Government, liberal always, would at some time lend

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or of chloroform sufficient to cause early primary anaesthesia are of great

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to educating and enlightening the public on matters of public

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In the animal body, the spine is suspended after the

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Cholera first beo;an to- appear amongst us, down to those last spoken of

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" Swedenborg claims that man is an organism fitted by an earth

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downward, rarely in the opposite direction, and often in

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bladder is interfered with in such a manner that the escape of

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the conjunctiva and the nasal and pharyngeal mucoas membranes.

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in order to tear through the pedicle and detach* the tonsil.

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lithontriptic will be indicated, which is prepared as follows :

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can, from the last English edition. Edited by PAUL B. GODDARD, A. M., M. D. Wilh two hun-

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guish between those diseases in which the preventive problem is

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Only the galvanic current was referred to in the author's

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one. Dr. Ludlow and Dr. J. W. Francis of this city had treated him

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gestion, and the question whether it is a food suited to

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