University Hospital. B.A. 1964, Brooklyn College, City

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present and the hernia cannot be reduced, you must operate, or,

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if fresh lymph is employed in a similar manner. We are apparently

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required to pay for them, at least, only for one or two — How

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Jefferson Medical College, by advice of counsel was consulted respecting

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let a patient go on taking iron indefinitely, as the system becomes habituated

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that Dr Philip would give his " Personal Impressions of Koch's

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Francois the First appreciated on his visit to Normandy. — Ex.

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Chicago, 111., under the Act of August 24, 191 2. Acceptance for mailing at special rate of postage

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The Ohio Medical Journal says: "The honest man cares but

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Case XVI. — (Mardellis.) Patient received a blow from a bottle over the

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black hairy longue, enterocolitis and pseudomembranous colitis Onset ot pseudomem

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Pennsylvania Hospital, &c. In one very handsome octavo volume, of 780 pages, with 316 illus-

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matter must be removed by a stream of tepid water or the

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which I am going to demonstrate. By applying the blades in the

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In explanation of this eflfect of increased protein catabolism in

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to take it home he allowed her to do so. The family of this

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2. Necrosis and Sloughing. This is probably due to several causes as the

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Dr. J. H. Packard, of Philadelphia, read a paper on

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effort of organized labor is to obtain* the six-hour-day. One hun-

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shaped fungal elements; their filaments could not be traced to their cen-

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that the outbreaks were confined to particular families, regiments,

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1880; " A Contribution to the Etiology of Cystitis," Ibid., 1881.

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tongue without skilled assistance, a very important question to

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wdthin a few hours after our examination. A large amount of pus

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men, beneath the lower ribs and the midriff of the right

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The climates are classified, not according to latitude and elevation (Dr.

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the ikin ; alfo great quantities of black half- barked

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habit was contracted. In this condition she came to the Murdock Liquid Food Hospital. Not able


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