remittent in character, and in the exacerbations may reach

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adoption the spirit in which this open publication of the author's views

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Dr. A., is an authority, but the question suggests itself to us,

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ence over my mind, and I may acid, over the minds of all those

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thing, and climate little or nothing; Switzerland and Holland, the antipodes of

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one person at different times. In other words, a man who is usual ly

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"F," 0; discharged lost, 0; carried, 32. Venereal — discharged cured, 0;

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to Sir James Paget belongs the merit of being the first to recognise the

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(3) That -will not interfere with subsequent operation, nor

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thetic. The expulsive force of the contractions after stopping the

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nent while others are barely visible. They are not as closely

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There is something about San Francisco, and something about

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and the retrocession of erysipelas or gout in persons predisposed to

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of gestation was discussed. Dr. Zinke reported a case which

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to the good behavior of the students who passed his house early

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killed ; if the latter, we avefor a time contrite, and our tissues are

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bread and milk. Says he feels well to-day, and asks for

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but only on exertion. She also had pain in the back

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»• ; >: '] ^< : ':y appreciable change in the vascular

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properly, averse to its use when the os uteri and external parts

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chair, having a back sui)port adjustable for height,

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months afterwards. There was occasionally a sensation of heat

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may be explained by presuming that it paralyzes the secret-

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people who assume the attitude of the old woman who said,

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ranging fi-om a lew days to a month and even longer, were

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that ono-tliiid of tlio women witli puerperal inverHion

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lege of Pharmacy; Pharmaceutical I'.ditor of the United States Di>^pensatory. etc., etc.

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water, oil — and we are going to have a very much stronger and wiser

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created, and that these infinitely minute forms are only

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fifteen drops of spirits of turpentine, mixed with an ounce or

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of various animal sera for purposes of cultivation of the organism is of

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part of medicine to observe closely and to co-operate with her, or


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