the power to link complements to cellular constituents of the host, and
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ducing fresh horses among them and they at once became affected.
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The location of the pain should always be studied carefully,
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by Sir B. Brodie.— "The patient is unable to support the weight
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mechanics in giant pelagornithids, presented by Habib at a pre-
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fourteen deaths. Of those that survived the operation, all
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Remembering that the amount of carbonic acid in pure air
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heard to yield under the knife, it ii quite obvious thai mow
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" empyema necessitatis," is of all forms of spontaneous evacuation
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been greater ornaments to j|o<;inty|tbeAianulU«noCtAOia,,.
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On February 3rd of this year I operated on a man set. 6d,
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clude, that it is usual, in laparotomy, for a surgeon to find * some-
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was not aphonia nor huskiness. In view of these facts, the
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three up to twelve. In only two instances is it noted that the
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excepting a slight weariness on any exertion ; but he had noticed that his
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looking granulations, and is contracted nearly one-half.
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Bearing this primary fact in mind, the choice of the particular
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this winter. The fees are very small ; for the three years I was there
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for living and the few people who are willing to farm simply
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The new patient. Serving diets. Administering medicines. The
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hearing, and 120 of these had ear disease. Of the remaining tAventy-
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ther provided by the Order that the section of the x\ct in
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men of our race have been compounded of two or three of the tempera-
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may believe that a lessening of the number of harmful bacteria by
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The Micro-organism of Cancer. — {Progres Medical dc Paris.) Of late


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