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mothers have all the aid that photography can afford in furnish-

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and Streptococcus p-yogenes in twenty-two hours. In only one case did the

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thorough blood, though she cost the most, because her

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liberate injury of the patient. The surgeon necessarily inflict

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system on the defensive" was a ready phrase in the mouths

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tenee: ** The pmettiUmer miffhi adopt ori$te anf 9ff0tmn thai ‚ÄĘKculd

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directions and wet it thoroughly with the Good Samaritan

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oppression at the chest, and felt a sensation of constriction in the

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of lancing the gums. The first is, that the cicatrix, which is

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self an indication of the superstition so generally prev-

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found that she had no control over the rectum or bladder. The latter

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A curious observation which will prove of importance if con-

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were the meninges uninjured. One of the cases which recovered had

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doing so I have not even scratched the muscle which now comes

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Bacillus pyogenes is probably quite common in this country, as it

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be present, leave it, at least for a time, to itself, as it is

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practice in the extraction of arrows, darts, and other similar missiles, and

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doubt that medical men experience a great loss of " time, health, sleep, and temper,*' in

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patients suflfering from gall stones." This really amounts to an exposi-

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puzzling as this, than to refer it to so hypothetical a

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Guisez's patient, however, also with an ethmoidal mucocele, com-

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cauliflower excrescences at the tips of the end phalanges and marked point-

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geon to place two ligatures on the vessel, with an interval of a few lines between

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severe cases he would even have recourse to artificial inversion and extirpa-

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The blood when drawn was fluid, of a bright red color, and

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hope that it will at least get the attention of the AMA top


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