sary action by the aliment we receive. To say, then, that the bile
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be told, just ready to cry. She was" actually suffering for the
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Africa. But there is a slow secondary cause at work in the opposite
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couple of hours it recommenced with all its initial
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that it has never been questioned, any more than the right
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Fatty degeneration of the heart, kidneys and liver are almost
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beginning of Industrial Democracy; it is not the whole thing yet.
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of the pancreas, this latter view being held on account of the general
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condition that the most daring operations would seem to be justi-
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months after the operation, the lady wrote him that the result had
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distillation, and the pure morphia may be obtained in
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seven o'clock he had a paroxysm, which was much less severe
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cases inoculation experiments or the tuberculin test prove useful
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3. Electricity in Amenorrhea. — Dr. Sanders says in his article
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occurs in by far the largest proportion. In Dr. Fowler's statistics
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(Dr. Maher explained that as he had been President only a
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also conforms well with all the other facts which we know regarding
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results as you might hope for from reading the reported
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because of the frequency with which it has been occurr-
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ple expedient of observing the body weight, to draw conclusions as to
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commonly the seat of the disease. Any catarrh of the air tubes does
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moment doubted but that in every branch of learning similar
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with the Purveying Division and to inspect the Service at that
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April 16, 1974, for rectal bleeding and anemia. Sigmoid-
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too highly appreciated. These accumulated statistics have one good
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conjunction with Dr Gramatschikoff, has been, since the end of


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