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place, in order to maintain the high pressure, the left ventricle

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A few experiments have also been made with serum and with plasma. Al-

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In regard to the station in life there does not seem to be any special difference

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arlel, eo tliat tlio sioat ranowsed medical men of tba whole

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comprising over 2,500 autopsies up to date, JSTovember, 1905, or one

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tween human tuberculosis and bovine tuberculosis is also

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is the illiberal spirit it will be in disparaging contrast to the dis-

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most carefully done the resolta, I believe, are better than can be

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it restores to the face color and smoothness of outline, and

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recorder. The law requires this under severe penalty. New parents will take

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9. MacCurdy, J. T. : War Neuroses, New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1918.

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vefl^els will return to their natural rates of motion,

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patient in bed with the limb constantly in the horizontal position. The medicines

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was discharged on no medication, and is asymptomatic to

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don., \. XV.; spt. chlorof., Tr^^. x. ; aq. chlorof., t j.,

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later, he performed a similar operation on the left ureter, the orifice of

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tistuhv ; next is mural strangulation. He divided lis-

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will be infinitel}' more important to mankind than all other

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be unmistakably the result of insanity in the perpetrator, the accused is

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tion readily accounts for the great enlargement of the veins which is frequently

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To the Editor: In their article, “Simultaneous Reconstruc-

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right graph represents the surface area of foot contact with

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rsmained in the Institution ; five of these were at the time

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armpit, and the other arm beneath the small of the back.

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Common in the mountains, especially in districts recently burned


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