ergot is a nee ssity, though there be danger connected with it; of
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406 Mr. Maylaru — Case of Malignant GrovAh in tlie Keck.
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well and bore heavy crops. The Crandall currant, which
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After the death of the patient, the county supervisors sent a man to disinfect
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healthy. •In December the above-mentioned ulcer increased much in size and
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diarrhoeal diseases, whooping-cough, erysipelas and fevers) 385,
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Logan, 1833 a] <Arch. gen. de med., Par., 2. s., v. 1, pp. 573-575. [W m .]
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''First. In any distribution of water under the au-
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believed by some surgeons that an overdistended bladder, if
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simply was not our intention to dwell upon other ex-
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antisepsis, and particularly to the disinfection of tlie skin. Dr. Abbott
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case of death it is best to begin disinfecting as soon as the
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cau, chemicam, botanicam, physico-medicam et veterinariam
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that his mind is perfectly open to conviction, from what-
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1. Whipple, G. H., and Cooke, J. V., /. Exp. Med., 1917, xxv, 461.
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Admiral J, Cowie, Supply Corps, U. S. Navy, who was so suc-
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The appearance of the tumor is practically the same
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October 25; ninth day. Slept well. Temperature, 98°. to
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In every case where the headache is not dependent on some
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in nursing to women who intend to become professional
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keep himself calm, even .it the risk of seeming indif-
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to its transparency. It must be remembered, however, that as the
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seen a single soldier suffering from paralysis agitans or disseminated
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organs, and the non-separation of it from the body by watery stools,
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310 millimetres, which gradually fell to 80 towards the end of the
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simple rest in bed with adhesive strapping represent the elements
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hibited at the French Exposition Univcr- 'attending a passage across the streams of
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Rock and Rye will soon be found in every household where consumption or lung diseases abide.
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See Medical Post-Mortem Beguter, vol. xvii. p. 280.
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had been applied. The patient was not very comfortable
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very well shown. This is a very frequent condition in scarlet fever. The
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The Reference Committee recommends that item (e) be


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