leving of Dun, and knowing perfytlie tliat lie could nevir attene
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better state. Rehabilitation of prisoners, alcohoUcs, mentally ill, cardiacs, and
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patients had to be fed on beef-tea, chicken-tea, rabbit-tea, jellies,
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trusses to arrest the progress of the lesion has, as a
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temporarily recovers after transfusion, does not maintain its recovery in
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viewed as downsizing the enormous and ever-increasing
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of Father Isla's works that is not so well known is his
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eral anesthesia and brain retraction, and immediate high-
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the river's estuary. (U. S. Geological Survey, W. S. Paper 185.)
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R. J. Med. Press and Circ. Sept. 1884, p. 263. — 8. Mircoli, Dr. Stefano. Gaz. degli
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Force: Etiology and Laboratory Diagnosis of Small pox and Chicken pox
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with the thickest part toward the manger; where horses eat their bedding,
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Gen. Washington, after the discovery of his foul treason, " The project
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stools of seven persons without pancreatic disease. A large number of
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than the solving of which there is perhaps no more pressing need to-day
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shelf running the entire length of one side of the tent, should be supplied
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within the last few year- received attention in our society. The san-
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students may be able to complete the requirements for both degrees in four years.
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ogist I have named. My experience with the patients on whom I have tried
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from the coast. Yellow fever was not at the time epidemic in any part
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Perhaps for reasons of fickleness and discontentment, which the human
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aged 20 she weighed 11 st., but before the operation her weight had
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ometer, or by the Hampson scale. The Kienbock quantimeter is
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clots imbedded in the vitreous humour, and tied by a slender point to the redna at the
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tumors in the groins and axillae: in a fortnight, these glandular
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general practitioners between delusions, hallucinations and illu-
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brain having a limited extent, and that the character of
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sea water, that this conclusion was not correct, since: (1) The eggs
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The army horse works for about 8 or 9 years, but as he
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allowing the tincture of iodine to run into contact with the urine
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layer in the same manner, and so proceed until you have opened
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about white slavery, criminal operations, and life with a man who ia
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tion that must adopt national policies, a long and time-|
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of most cases of conjunctivitis depends on the oil-immersion lens. In
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circulation and brings about sugar destruction, or prevents the accumulation of
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I wA.s led some time since, by considerations of an
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but when the P-R interval is measured accurately, it will be found to be
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and in all their afflictions he is afflicted. Though
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furnished by Dr. WilHam CuUen, at Hamilton, from September, 1737, to October,


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