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without its proving to be an unfavorable indication.

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a child till she had been married nine years, and her husband's society to

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the foot of Mt. Blue. He served his community and town

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always be used with a spacer device in young children to

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B.A. 1969, University of California, Berkeley; M.D.

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child grows older, and as the legs lengthen, the central point of the

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l)athognomonic. The spleen has a [)eculiar smooth, firm, and solid look.

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it broke out in the month of June, after the rains had

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the product in question has no distinct resisting boundary

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were quickly forgotten. A quarter of a century later, in 1936,

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effects of the flash of flame accompanying the explosion, or to the

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interest to the western student, for it opens up a large field

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result that many of them contracted the disease. In every case the attack

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by its u. e, most cheerfully attest my appreciation

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the Eelation of Bacteria to Suppuration, of the Eesistance of

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only remedy. When it is caused by debility or injury, it should

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part of the spinal cord ; it is often accompanied by dis-

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Surgeons, with the relative rank of Master or Ensign; and further,

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diminution of discharge and sloughing will save the patient's powers, and

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or all the articles df scribed under this numlifer, to restore

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(1878 g). — Di una nuova specie di Taenia (Txnia alba) <"Ibidem, pp. 127-130,

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too highly appreciated. These accumulated statistics have one good

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mustard foot bath, will usually relieve the patient. In measles

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thought. In the study of history this modification is

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WILLIAMSON, O.— Military Surgery. Sra LoiiAon. Oe/d; $4.32.


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