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stridulus, dyspepsia, diarrhoea, &c. that may be exhausting the
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tinctures and other medicines for the purpose of deception.
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in the brain ; changes which depend on its septic character, and are quite
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and in some instances with a satisfactory result; but bromide of potassium,*
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for producing it will be the subject of a later paper, as well as the question of
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of a pain in her right side, supposed to depend on chronic
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mouth is not always absorbed, and may be unchanged for
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bistoury, as the easiest and most manageable instrument.
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{cf^ Schmidt, 1, Killian, 18, Eetterer, 19), that they are found
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Experiment farms for some years to come to ascertain
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salt and water was given, and a paper of fine tobacco
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cut meatus and anterior strictures and dilate canal
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thought he had got very good effect, especially in a case of bad iridocyclitis
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head, when she was rendered incapable of speaking, but
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Rhinebcck, N. T. ; Dr. Julius Hombrkobe, New York; Dr. E. P. Bkmnbtt,
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No. 3 " " 2,800,000 " 20,000 4 days after exposure.
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returns are not sufficiently trustworthy to enable an accurate study to
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reporters from 25 to Y5 per cent. I could not definitely feel a
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resin, sixteen ounces by weight; methylated spirit forty fluidounces— mix.
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stays and such like in order that the restricted circula-
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ness and want of appetite. On the 15th he was discharged cured.
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and homoeopathic, being in every case treated without any suc-
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part generally most intensely affected by this microorganism. That the
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remove all of the tissue which will interfere with the coaptation of
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fibers to the muscular system. Here at the level of the. twelfth
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in the morning wipe off nice and clean and put 011 petroleum and sugar
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ing the lobe of his ear with his finger ; also on closing his eyes
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physiologic effects are gone according to available evidence However, in case of emer-
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and in fourteen of which the commission concurred in
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nous appendicitis with peritonitis. Six ounces of ether were poured


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