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though treatment can do much, but it must be energetic. Counter-

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in |fti|#Bhing the above proposals; and cidtie^to the de-

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them in their own homes. As a general rule, those received,

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only organised for affording preliminary assistance to the wounded

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that X-rays proceed in a straight line, therefore the shadow cast by a

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1. The frequency of the complete positive Wassermann reaction

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usual dose of 0.5 c.c. of a 1 : 1,000 solution of epinephrin, which pro-

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groin and thigh upon the same side, and the testicle appears fuller

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was such that it was impossible to take her into advisement on her

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said: "Your doctor simply made a mistake in diagnosis; there

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is so thin that it is no stretch of language to compare it to the

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pensary, 61 ; under super., 84; under care of the House of (jood Shepherd,

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he states and criticizes the theory fairly enough from his point

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of the liver in which there could be no doubt as to the utility of

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removal from the body, lose their power of producing the iodine reaction.

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tinguishable from albumen, but disappears with effervescence

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author .selected cocaine, .stovaine and alypin in the comparative

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erence is quite marked. At this stage of our progress, then, we, as a

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have been kept for a longer period, and have been carried to all parts

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climatic conditions. This year, in this district, was re-

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that fluid consequent on tne propagation of an organism which largely con-

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of sweat. In the heat of summer the body cannot cool

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Tlie most proper pocket-handkerchiefs are of white linen. If fig-

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The seances of radiotherapy, which had been begun on August 27,

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trict,* for the full exposition he gives in his Report, and for the abundant testimony

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arteries are obstructed, and when the conditions described on

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which may go on indefinitely, the result thereof being

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see what objects their understandings were or were not

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offered for research in the medical sciences, as it is,

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patient leaning on the shoulder of the nurse, and when I felt

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used once per day. Brink freely of lemonade with three

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[1721 a].— De polypodio. Diss. 32 pp. 8°. Jeme. [W m .]


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