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of others, the great nineteenth-century school of English
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poor-quality spinal radiographic studies are available. Nor-
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creased, and in two days more the features were pinched,
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only imperfectly carried into execution by the bearers ; if shock
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of their wounds. I therefore rose early in the morning, visited my patients,
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nor can he be made to keep himself or his surroundings
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shall be an addition to the number of assistant surgeons
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eration and their precise degree and geographical outlines with much
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employed to give consistence to the mass, and when the
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of absence for fifteen days, on account of sickness, .August jo,
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The form of dysentery which generally predominates is the bilious.
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Case 6. — Mr. C , aged forty-four, had for two years been
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was brought well down into the pelvis, with the sacrum
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cells were infiltrated in the stroma between the tubes,
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diagnosis of acute appendicitis dies. The morality varies from
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only in certain cases, namely, when the dimensions of the sinus
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"it is difficult to speak of the German poster because properly speaking,
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That the additions are somewhat numerous may be gathered
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The BrUiih Medical Jottmalj Aug. 1. contains an article by
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whether the patient is comatose or not ; produces profuse perspi-
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edition has been revised and entirely re-written, and all interested in
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physicians to be especially on their guard against the
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In the preparation of the substance for the troche,
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to pathogens. To the extent that malnutrition impairs im-
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network of black lines. These were permeated lymphatics.
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Dr. W. S. Searle, A. M., M. D., says of Coca, "In relation to a New Form of Nervous Disease" :
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weeks only adhesions and thickening and opacity of the membranes are
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corpuscles, which are greatly reduced in number after each paroxysm.
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[We beg leave to refer the writer of the above letter, to the
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to the preservation of health, and the prevention of dis-
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yond question, are few. We may, for convenience, divide
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mal kingdom this harmony may be regarded as a necessary consequence of teleo-
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renal stones weighing several pounds. Large stones adapt them-
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meat bouillon varies with the character of the meat and the length of time it


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