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grains opium every hour, which was almost the only re-
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(1.) Too short upper lip. The author here only confirms the well-known ob-
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[1901 a].— Idem. Reprint, pp. 89-107. 4°. [n. p.J [ Lib. Stiles.]
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eminent French physicians as Drs. Dujardki-Beaumetz, F6r6ol, Huchard, de Samt-Germain, Simon,
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raised. It may end in poisoning of the blood with pus or
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soon as he showed signs of partial consciousness, it was again re-
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lesion, first discovered by i\Iott, and confirmed by all later observers, is
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mention. They are very formidable when caused by quicklime, which has a
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more faith than the ejDigenesists. He believes that
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or two in recording the testimonies of some of the greatest
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rare and almost always a mortal malady.^HEematocele from Blood As-
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years of age, consulted me because of a swelling of the right
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his hometown to establish a community health center.
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joint was found to be very much enlarged, doughy to the feel,
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infrequentiy produce sudii changes by erosion and chronic infection of
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an operation then, whatever might be advisable later. Upon
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nosis is made. The curative action of iridectomy stands in
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subjects, is as follows : having bared the back, from the
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only when the percentage of sugar in the saline was approximately
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removing it, while the patient lay horizontally, a considerable flow of
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work done on the patient's part in overcoming his timidity to exercise,
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the degree of impairment of functional ability or damage to the kidneys becomes
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blood, death being the result of a general pyemia, due to the
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tablespoonfuls of butter, 2 of lard, 2% cupfuls of butter milk, or
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muscnlar system will be affected by such a condition ^ its contractions
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kidneys. Assuming the correctness of his conclusions,
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sidered that do not greatly concern the civil surgeon.
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