beautiful Val D'Aosta; but these situations are confined and low, and

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chill, but at times it precedes or rapidly follows the latter. The duration of

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But Casey looked to be barely out of his twenties, and despite

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one immediately above it. The last-mentioned is the most important. Thick

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illustrations of each of these types than civil surger}', in con-

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with the Federated Women’s Clubs of the four coun-

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Fig. 32. Appearance of the inguinal region of a normal rabbit.

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will be no danger. Never eat raw smoked ham, for there-

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Of the organic colloids we may take albumen as the most

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limit of tragic power and in the overwhelming horror

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ogist I have named. My experience with the patients on whom I have tried

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or previous, year's grasses are rank, affording cover for the para-

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ganglion cells the matter stands differently, as they vary in their

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Croupous pneumonia, bronchopneumonia, and tuberculosis are com-

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ounce at the dose. She was very nervous and restless, but said she

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the fever, as he called it, she was left in a most misera-

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Weil a family of 21, 20 of whom developed the complaint. The causal

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Ave think, have been better designated an " outline of the

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and displacing neighboring structures, lie recognizes

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drunken woman who nurses, always gives acid milk. I ob-

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general symptoms of the disease are noted there is one gland more prominent

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is negative, it becomes positive after the injection of the vaccine. He

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(1004 b).— Idem [?j [Read 7 few J Hull. Soc. de sc. vet. de Lyon, p. 13.

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because they are bitten through the clothing. The period of incubation

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ing fair chances of recovery, utilizing the Southern

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is capable of managing all the affairs of the hospital. With the

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Health — A. J. Semmes, Cornelius Boyle, G. M. Dove, D. C; report-

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lifted slightly from the surface by the rigor setting in

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ano performed on him in the year 1803. There were two extensive sinuses

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able to accomplish certain feeble movements with her fingers.

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We believe that Vaughan, Jr., was quite right in liolding that his

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Bemittances should be made by money-order, draft, or registered

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