longed constipation is also dangerous. As already mentioned, the diet ought

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was no arterio-sclerosis. Although he had always used dis-

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pensary. The surgeon examines each man, indicating in the company

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show that blood-letting in eclampsia is injurious and not beneficial. But

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tions for the use of the drug are for the cure of cystitis, pyelitis, and before

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never heard any one hint even at any moral error in

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latter. Soon after his arrival, I saw him in that extra-

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quantity of water and other urinary solids from the blood.

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not, except, perhaps, in a very few cases, prevent the disease

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Diseases of the Genito-Urinary Organs and Syphilology in the Chicago College of

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words, for it may be summed up in these two: Give quinineP " It is

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Valedictorian of the class, whach was "pulled off" on the morning of January 28th. As to the casus belli,

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it should be poured into moulds. This is one of the best foods in con-

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in cubic centimeters, without any statement of the number of units contained

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escaped, and revealed a cavity of considerable size. Tlais ab-

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Dr. Emmett formerly had performed this operation very often,

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greater security and to rely upon it with implicit confidence.

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Klemperer, Bourget, Jaworski, and Gluzinski have also proposed test

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illness. The contents of one cecum were normal and contained larval worms.

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the ducts of the sebaceous glands, and (3) regions of

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diet was first recommended, I have, it is true, only a limited number of

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cles, I will merely say that in my own practice, I have made

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flesh to make up its body, of nerves for its sense, oiF veins

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ago who told me he sat last winter hour after hour on a

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Finally, the connective tissue, lymph-nodes, branches of the great

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arose to the direction of the army medical department,

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Number and Virulence of Infecting Bacteria. — The number and degree

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ffective time to start treatment. If treatment is begun at a

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or indirectly attributed to vaccination. I have never

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The site and sise of the swelling are suflScicntly defined

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effect. So also the presence of local emphysema, tense, or con-

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fistula in the groin. In November, 1908, he was first examined by me, and I

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lars ; at the second forty dollars) ; for a half year alone,

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2. I should like to say a word on the systematic employment of arti-


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