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*' When I saw him, about three-quarters of an hour after admission, he was

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Oliver C. Smith, more than to any one man, is due the growth

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phates in Spinal Affections, Caries, Necrosis, Ununite-

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multiplication by self-division. Of the diotomacese, most exten-

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discovered in the circumstance that the instrument used for the

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(a) Life and growth are chemical changes in the proto-

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ticed as the causes of complicated and protracted disease. The

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and anesthetize the patient, place her in the lithotomy position, remove

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.The "Waugb-Abbott Intestinal Antiseptic" Is a mix-

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been back to normal at the fourth hour. This was a case of pneumonia,

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the material is in its crude state, or partially digested ;

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of mucous fluid, gradually becomes empty, by that fluid passing

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perceptible ; on the right, an indistinct, boggy feeling,

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It is wise to remove this portal of entrance and seal it up

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enlargment of lymphatic glands in the neighborhood, as well as the variable

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phenylic acid ; it allows the secretions from the wound to escape.

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members may be sent to Mrs. Leonard Arling, 2310 Last

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generally read than those of greater length. We are sometimes

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also conforms well with all the other facts which we know regarding

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of Gushing inasmuch as he incises the scalp, some distance from the

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anesthetic, the latter was very gently administered and continued for the

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against severe or forcible means being resorted to to produce labor, but would


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