For this reason, I think it is probable that the irregular

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struct and save the limb. Indeed, with recent advances in

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fession, and a grateful proof to the Messrs. Armstrong of the

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vice councilors, and the legislative committee member

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its appearance differs from that of collapse in not being nearly

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they will not cause discomfort. They should be simple in con-

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1. Horse-serum ; whole serum dried in vacuo at 37°

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Finding that the poulticing had been imperfectly done,

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Dr. Joseph Ransohoff, of Cincinnati, reported thirty

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of arsenic. He then dropped the subject, and probably

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(From the Anatomical Laboratory , University of Michigan.)

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purators. That we soon make them raise guardians must be men chosen for their

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muscle was the thickest ; the pectoral, gluteal, dorsal re-


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