proving for plumbers, should be followed in the case of nurse.i
showing tliat even diseased life produced no cells for which
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Uu September 2:)rd in last year the defendants, in the course of a long
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the ^'hairman of the Board, Royal lulirmary, Manchtster, by
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much stretched. In this eye there was also a coloboma of the iris.
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Meetings of the Council will be held on April 19th,
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working men on the Board of Management should be in-
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more intimate association with, more directly under the con-
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once brought face to face with another difficulty. AVe can-
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There was about half an inch of liver substance over the cyst. The liver
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Grant, M.D. : Greville Macdonald, M.D. ; D. Newman, M.D. ;
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by the Local Government Board, for sanitary inspectors ; and
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portional fatality iu Sheffield, Cardifi, Leeds, Leicester, Bolton, and
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derers (late the 1st Brecknockshire), is appointed second Lieutenant in
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Africa, and several resolutions on the subject were carried.
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much the same view of the matter as Wright. He calls the
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had escaped the protection of revaccination. She was sent to
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of soda, took li cubic centimetre of the bacillus emulsion.
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is divided from the perineal wound. My experience of this
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It is a curious coincidence and a curious fact that at
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about thirty hours, the other five remained alive. (A) Four
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THE Office not Lateb than Midday Post on Wednesday. Tele-
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Sahara through Arabia into Persia, of which the Egyptian
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as extravagant and uncalled for under the circumstances.
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have been found in cells ; and these appear to be either fore-
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to be the main agent and carrier of cholera infection ; and,
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readily capable, moreover, of attenuation and intensification,
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the animal under such circumstances can hardly be regarded
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the left hand alone having hold of the traction rod, the right
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clusters of cells, which other parts of the section showed tobe


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